New Foiling

Hello everyone

I’m so excited to share my new foiling process that I can now offer.

I have offered it before but I always outsourced it to printers but now I can do it in house which means I can play around with it and do samples which is great, also not waiting for someone else. I love to be in control of my printing and processes as much as I can,

I can foil on various types of card but not all as it is a tricky process and requires just the right balance of everything to work well.

Here are some examples of work I have done so far using it, much more to come,

Script Style Table Numbers Designed by me …

I have designed a range of table numbers from 1 to 25 in a modern Script Style font and I have drawn each one specially to avoid weak points and made them in a thicker ply wood that products like this are normally made in, to ensure strength and sturdiness.

A range of colours are available to hire from me. Rose Gold, Silver, White, Gold, Natural Wood and untreated.

Each set has all numbers and a Sweet Table and Top Table in the same style as the Numbers.

Rich navy, pink and coral flowers with little bees

Rachel and Jordan’s Wedding was yesterday and I loved designing their stationery for the day.

We used navy and Rich pinks and corals for the flowers in the signage and they have a love for bees 🐝 so I added a few on each item. See if you can spot them.

We used my floral frame for the Table Plan prop and matching navy and floral stationery for the table cards.

I work closely with every couple to ensure their stationery matches their theme and colours