Rich gold and blush pink at Shuttleworth House Biggleswade

This week I have helped dress 3 wedding venues so they can show potential couples around. This one here is the stunning Shuttleworth House near Biggleswade. Rich gold with blush works so well in the venue.

All good fun to be back in the wedding world and visiting venues


This 1920’s theme at The Shuttleworth House was just perfect for the style of the venue.

So I created stationery and signs that blended with both. I used rich green, gold metallic foil and black throughout with Art Deco imagery and fonts to create the look.

The green was perfect to use as a main colour as it is also used in The Shuttleworth House branding. I incorporated green velvet with the metallic to create that feel of luxury and glamour. We designed an Art Deco flower shape as a large wooden backdrop, so I used this imagery within the stationery. For a modern twist I added in clear acrylic signs using green acrylic paint on the back with gold metallic wording. A wonderful theme and suppliers to work with.

Carolyn at Wedding Beautifuls





New Foiling

Hello everyone

I’m so excited to share my new foiling process that I can now offer.

I have offered it before but I always outsourced it to printers but now I can do it in house which means I can play around with it and do samples which is great, also not waiting for someone else. I love to be in control of my printing and processes as much as I can,

I can foil on various types of card but not all as it is a tricky process and requires just the right balance of everything to work well.

Here are some examples of work I have done so far using it, much more to come,

Script Style Table Numbers Designed by me …

I have designed a range of table numbers from 1 to 25 in a modern Script Style font and I have drawn each one specially to avoid weak points and made them in a thicker ply wood that products like this are normally made in, to ensure strength and sturdiness.

A range of colours are available to hire from me. Rose Gold, Silver, White, Gold, Natural Wood and untreated.

Each set has all numbers and a Sweet Table and Top Table in the same style as the Numbers.